Guaranteed Translation Quality!

Translation only by native Translators
CloudLingual uses professional translators residing in their country of origin who have completed satisfactorily a college degree in translation and who have been vetted through our rigorous qualification standards for reliability and production over at least a six projects trial period. Their mother tongue is the target language.

Translators are subject matter experts
Since quality of the work will vary greatly based on the subject experience level of the translator, only professional translators with subject matter expertise will be used on your project. “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs) are uniquely qualified in a specific field of expertise, either by education, job experience, or other qualification which enables them to translate correctly the specific subject matter of your field into their mother-tongue.

Review by a second translator option
Adequate translation can take place by one translator, but quality is better achieved when another set of eyes reviews the translation. A second translator review involves a full check of the source against the translated target. Other vendors often bypass this step or include a cursory check of the target files, which will not detect all inaccurate translations.

Professional layout option
Document translation often results in 20-50% more text creating prolonged pages, truncated table columns, orphan bullets and widow paragraphs. Translated documents often require professional desktop publishing, particularly before sending to print or publishing online. Our professional layout team can check the translated files and perform necessary layout adjustments to make your final translated documents look professional. A few dollars spent on layout and typesetting can save you a small fortune on reprint and reshipping costs!

Whitepaper – How To Plan & Budget For Translation Projects?

This white paper presents you with straight forward metrics that will help you determine the budget and schedules needed for your translation projects.

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