Low Cost Translation Solution

No Costly Overhead
Why pay for intermediaries, their overhead and profit margins? When engaging a translation agency, this is what you are doing. For very complex projects that require much coordination, special technical know-how and unique requirements, hiring a translation agency may be the right approach. But for translations of documents and static web pages, an online translation service like CloudLingual will save you a small fortune!

Save Time & Money
Over 20 man years of development have gone behind the CloudLingual portal to produce a leading edge translation management system. The technology built into CloudLingual includes glossary management, translation memory, query collaboration wiki and a workflow engine that are designed to save you time and money. No need to download and pay for any software. All you need can be used seamlessly from your favorite web browser.

No Interaction with Sales People
Are you tired of dealing with pushy sales people that are constantly trying to sell you their services by phone or email? With CloudLingual, you are in full control to initiate and approve projects and no sales person will ever contact you!

Fast Translations