Translation Jobs, Freelance Translators
We are seeking to expand our network of freelance translators and translation agencies.
CloudLingual regularly needs qualified translators. When in need, our project managers will contact the most qualified and cost effective vendors from our database directly.

If you are interested in becoming a CloudLingual vendor, please send your Resume/CV in English to

What CloudLingual is not!

  • Unlike other systems, there will never be a fee for you to use CloudLingual
  • It is not a same day or hour translation service
  • It is not a reverse auction that bids one translator against the other
  • It does not reduce in any way quality standards of the work to be delivered
  • It is not a machine translation portal

What is unique about CloudLingual?

  • Free Account in a full TMS: Users including clients and translators will have access to a powerful translation management system including TM, Terminology and Query management.
  • Accurate Translation: Professional native translators in the required field and language are vetted and used based on CloudLingual documented and approved ISO9001 processes.
  • Fast Delivery: Process is streamlined for quick project turnaround by automating or semi-automating many tasks such as quoting, file processing, TM management, Query management, notifications and payments.
  • Affordable service: Up to 50% savings from traditional agencies. The translator gets the lion’s share of the payment with only a small fraction going to the development, maintenance and marketing of CloudLingual.